About Us

The Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems was formed in 2018 at Murdoch University in recognition of our long history and expertise into research into many aspects of aquatic ecosystems. We are part of the newly formed Harry Butler Institute.

People live, work and play near the water. It is a universal challenge to support the many human uses of aquatic ecosystems while also maintaining ecosystem health and biodiversity.

The Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems works to ensure healthy and productive freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems that continue to support communities across Australia and the Indo-Pacific. We take an integrative socio-ecological approach, with our research focused on sustainable resource use, social and economic benefits and ecosystem health and biodiversity.

Uniquely situated on the rim of the Indian Ocean, the Centre is built on our expertise in aquatic biology and ecology, marine mammal ecology, fisheries, aquaculture, algal biotechnology, oceanography, human-use and habitat assessments, bioinformatics, economics and spatial sciences. Our investigations span all levels of biological organisation from the genome to the ecosystem, and aquatic systems from inland lakes to beyond the continental shelf.

Watch our researchers catching and tagging sawfish in the Pilbara by clicking here or on the image below


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